Family Webinars

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You know your family isn't fine...

  • Communication is broken. 
  • Hurts need healing.
  • Understanding needs to be gained. 


  • Your family is spread-out everywhere.
  • You don't know who to turn to.
  • You don't know where to start.


The idea of Family Webinars came right out of situations like yours. Family situations that need expert care from someone with lots of experience. Family situations that are a perfect fit for today's technology and it's ability to 'connect' people anywhere in the world.
Family Webinars provide:

  • Live or On-demand options
  • Room for the whole family
  • Convenience and Affordability

Family Webinars are an excellent way to safely bring your family together in a virtual setting. Here, they will begin to rebuild relationship on a common foundation. Rather then everyone seeing different therapists you will all interact with the same counselor and  framework for finding enjoyable satisfying relationships. Your family will begin to hear one another, understand one another and unite together.

Keith Dorscht, MTS Reg. PsychotherapistKeith Dorscht, MTS/Reg. Psychotherapist

A pioneer in multi-generational family counseling, Keith has the compassion, experience, format and humor to lead your family from where they are to where they could be. Keith knows that every family situation is different and he believes though there is no cookie-cutter approach to change some common key principles need to be taught properly and integrated effectively for desired change to occur.

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