Family Webinars

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Keith Dorscht effectively combines timeless truths, brain function and psychotherapy to assist the healing, restoration and strengthening of marriage and family relationships across generations.

Keith is a pioneer in multi-generational counseling, working with up to four generations of a family in his unique Legacy Quest format.

Reg. Psychotherapist / Speaker / Resource Creator

Keith and Nancy began their married life and family over 22 years ago in Toronto, Canada. They now live in Colorado Springs with their six children. Keith has spoken across Canada and the US. He enjoys bringing his family or members of his family with him.  

Keith has lead 500+ marriage intensives and provided an additional 20,000 hours of stand alone sessions.

Keith has created several unique resources that include: 

  • The Communication Cure, an interactive online tool that makes meaningful talk...easy.
  • Family Glance, a confidential full family survey that reveals where your family is and what to do about it. 
  • Trailblazing, a coloring/discussion book for adults to lead kids 5-12yrs through to keep them out of counseling later. 

Keith has provided counseling  and consulting services for several large churches in Colorado Springs where he has also enjoyed opportunities to support the city's many military families and installations.

Keith’s broad experience prior to counseling includes work in adult and children's mental hospitals, pastoring, caring for special needs and staffing youth correctional facilities.